Who we are is a micropayment solution designed and tailored for you provides you with an opportunity to buy and sell things online that were impossible to buy or sell before. It’s a payment system designed to handle all transactions starting from just 2 cents. This gives you a whole new way to monetize your digital content:

  • music
  • articles,
  • videos

...or any other products
you can think of.

With imagination is your only limit. offers:

  • low rates,
  • easy integration,
  • free internal transfers,
  • safety and security,
  • almost limitless possibilities.

Think about how many things are now within your reach. Try it out for yourself. Register and start discovering the web with


Benefits guarantees


Using guarantees your identity is not shared with external services and all your sensitive information stays private and secure. more...

Micropayment allows making and receiving money transfers of all sizes. Even as little as 2 cents. It allows to buy and sell various items that could not be sold online before. more...

Free Internal Transfers

The transfers within the system are absolutely free. You need to pay back your friend who lent you $5 for a coffee -- it’s easy. Need to pay a $1000 rent -- you’ve got it covered too. more...

Fast Payment

The payments are processed in real time so you can enjoy your purchases immediately. And the whole process is as effortless as it should be -- you are done in just two clicks. more...


Security is’s top priority. To ensure your money is safe at all times, the system uses ssl encryption, and all data is regularly backed up and monitored for any signs of frauds 24/7. more...

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