About us was created with a simple goal in mind: to improve the way money can be used online.

The web has now become a place where every day more and more financial transactions are made, and some web-based or technological solutions are gradually making the traditional ones obsolete - the first examples that come to mind are:

  • newspapers, which are being replaced with news portals
  • music, that we buy in web stores or subscribe to streaming services
  • paper books, that start to give way to e-ink readers

A very important goal behind creating is to give people a possibility to grow their businesses easily without incurring high costs of accepting payments.

Have you ever tried to to sell something that costs 0.02 credit? How much did you have to pay to earn those 0.02 credit? Was that even possible? gives you a possibility to accept even the smallest payments - as low as 0.02 credit. And you know what the best part is? It only costs 0.01 credit.

Let’s imagine that:
You own a small online store. You set up a account - there are no activation or monthly fees. You pay when somebody buys something you sell. Or when you want to withdraw your money to an external account.
In other words - you pay only when you earn.
Easy as that.

Start now

The second goal is to give the Internet users a possibility to pay in a very convenient way. That’s why the top priorities are:

  • Anonymity - why reveal who you are and what your credit card number is to a hundred different sites? With you only need to enter those details once and then you remain anonymous outside the system
  • Free internal transfers - since the transfers within the system don’t cost us too much, they shouldn’t cost you either. That’s why all the money can circulate within free, whether it’s 0.01 credit or 2 000 000 bucks we’re talking about
  • Fast and easy payment - If it’s a micropayment it should require a microeffort. No need for long and complicated procedures - just a seamless 2-click operation and it’s done
  • Security - dealing with money requires serious security measures, and has got that covered - military grade encryption certified by Verisign, and reliable servers make sure your money is doing great 24/7

So imagine you would like to pay with
You top up your account with $5, everything goes well and you now have 5 credits that you can spend on different goods on the Internet. So you do that - spend 2 credits. After some time your friend who owes you $22 transfers 22 credits to your account. You don’t pay for that - he does not either. It’s absolutely free. Now you have 25 credits and want to withdraw them. You are informed that you can withdraw 24 because of the transaction fee. And that’s the only situation in which you pay.


We’re a Europe-based, multidisciplinary and international team of young Internet enthusiasts. Each team member has accumulated vast experience working in numerous Internet projects, which provided us with necessary background to create a high quality product.

Our mission is simple - make the e-commerce a much friendlier environment. For both retailers and clients. There is a lot of great things that could be bought or sold without spending a fortune, and we present you with a tool that will make it easy and convenient.