Online payments often require handing out a lot of data that we would like to remain private, like our full name, credit card number, home address. With you don’t need to share this information with any site you want to buy something from.

All your data is safely stored within the system and the only information that is revealed to the third parties is your account number. This way you stay safe and avoid leaving your sensitive details on a hundred different websites.


Whether you are a user, who wants to read a paid article of a couple cents worth, or a businessperson who would like to put that article behind a paywall - is for you.

There are plenty things on the Internet, that cost small amounts of money - content on certain publishers’ websites or in-game items. In the minimal transaction amount allowed is just 0.02 credit, so you can rest assured it can be handled.

Free internal transfers

When you need to transfer a really small amount of money, e.g. to a friend, who lent you a dollar for a cup of coffee, you can do it with and it won’t cost you anything.

But this is not limited to small amounts, like the change for coffee. You can easily send 100 dollars to a freelancer who designed a logo for you. Still for free.

Fast and easy payments

The payment process in is designed to be a seamless experience. With just two clicks you are able to make the purchase without leaving the media site or the game you are playing.

As the payments are processed in real time, you will enjoy the purchased item within seconds after the payment is made.


As it deals with your money, one of the most important aspects of are its security measures. The connection is encrypted using the ssl protocol and the system is meticulously monitored for frauds 24/7.

Also, every transfer that is bigger than $2 needs to be confirmed with a PIN number that you assign to your account at the moment of registration in the system. We also do not store your credit card information nor do we share it with any third parties.

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